Rhapsody & Exponentialism

John Foxx And The Maths’ Rhapsody album is now on sale through the Official John Foxx Store. Featuring 10 tracks recorded live at MemeTune studios at the end of 2011, the band line-up is John Foxx (Vocals/Keyboards), Benge (Percussion/Keyboards), Hannah Peel (Keyboards, Violin) and Serafina Steer (Keyboards, Bass).

01. The Good Shadow (Instrumental)
02. Shatterproof
03. He’s A Liquid
04. The Running Man
05. The Shadow Of His Former Self
06. Hiroshima Mon Amour
07. Interplay
08. Burning Car
09. Catwalk
10. Just For A Moment

The limited edition Exponentialism EP is also now available and includes 4 tracks recorded by I Speak Machine and Gazelle Twin. These beautifully executed cover versions strongly relate to their own work as well as exploring John Foxx’s themes and ideas.

Watch I Speak Machine’s video for ‘My Sex’:

Gazelle Twin – ‘Never Let Me Go (Video by Karborn)

Rhapsody and Exponentialsm are available as individual items or as a discounted multi-buy HERE

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I Dream Of Wires

Both John Foxx and Benge have contributed to I Dream Of Wires, an extensive documentary about the phenomenal resurgence of the modular synthesizer.

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The Quiet Man

John Foxx – The Quiet Man album. Order HERE

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Parallel Lives

Film by Alex Proyas.
Music by John Foxx and Steve D’Agostino.

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