John Foxx And The Maths’ new album Evidence is out on Monday. It includes this track with Gazelle Twin – ‘Changelings’ – which was recently highlighted as one of the lead tracks at this year’s New York Fashion Week catwalk shows.

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John Foxx And The Maths: ‘Evidence’













Evidence – the third album with Modular Moog-obsessive Ben ‘Benge’ Edwards, ferries the listener to a paranoid, dystopic, late-night city soundtracked by dense, pulsating synths, glacial melodies and ethereal half-sung, half-spoken vocals. Foxx’s creative fires still burn white hot.’ 4/5 MOJO

‘His relationship with young producer Benge has seen Foxx release his best music since the glory days of early Ultravox and debut solo album Metamatic, and Evidence is even more brimful of sci-fi sensuality than last year’s The Shape Of Things. Highlights include the dark house of Matthew Dear collaboration ‘Talk (Beneath Your Dreams)’ and two centre-piece excursions with Brighton electro maverick Gazelle Twin.’ 4/5 UNCUT

‘Foxx’s legacy has come to be revered, with his influence on electronic music recognised by the likes of The Orb and LFO. Evidence, Foxx’s third album in 3 years with The Maths, provides plenty of evidence why. The tracks and crafted and atmospheric and the collaborations serve to anchor the album in the present rather than the past.’THE WIRE

‘Lush and romantic, Evidence is the kind of timeless electronic album you can dream inside.’ 4/5 CLASSIC ROCK

‘The mood is dark and unsettling as Foxx combines the icy beauty of ‘My Town’ with the eerie ‘Changelings’, featuring the haunting voice of Gazelle Twin.’ 4/5 CLASSIC POP

‘A pulsing electro cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Have A Cigar’ might be an unexpected (though warming) surprise, but the closing quartet of ‘Shadow Memory’, ‘Walk’, ‘Myriads’ and ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ sees Foxx and Benge simmering in exquisite fashion.’ 4/5 RECORD COLLECTOR

‘Rather than treat their analogue synthesizers as museum pieces, John Foxx and his electronic producer partner Benge have cranked their machines into life for a succession of albums of futuristic electronic pop. This Dark Lord Of Synth still wields fearsome power.’ 3/5 Q MAGAZINE

‘Foxx has embraced technology to create something otherworldly, chilling and at times dream-like on an album that hangs together beautifully.’ 4/5 VIVE LE ROCK

‘Ever since he started making music John Foxx has always sounded contemporary – and here, more than 35 years on, that remains the case. As a consequence Evidence is a mandatory listen for long time followers of Foxx and electronic music – but also for those new to the form.’ 5/5 DMC WORLD

‘If you already own John Foxx & The Maths’ previous albums Interplay and The Shape of Things then you need this album. If you don’t own those records then you need all three, and what a treat you have coming your way.’ 4/5 THIS IS NOT RETRO

John Foxx And The Maths’s third album Evidence will be released worldwide by Metamatic/Cargo Records on 25th February, 2013.

It’s available from Amazon HERE

If you can’t wait, a limited number of copies are available exclusively in advance through the Official John Foxx Store. You can order the album HERE

The tracklisting is as follows:

1 Personal Magnetism
2 Evidence (Featuring The Soft Moon)
3 That Sudden Switch (Featuring Xeno & Oaklander)
4 Talk (Beneath Your Dreams) Featuring Matthew Dear
5 Neon Vertigo
6 Changelings (Featuring Gazelle Twin)
7 My Town
8 Have A Cigar
9 A Falling Star (Featuring Gazelle Twin)
10 Cloud Choreography
11 Shadow Memory
12 Walk
13 Myriads
14 Only Lovers Left Alive
15 Talk (I Speak Machine Mix) (Featuring Tara Busch)

The 15-track CD brings together various new collaborations with The Soft Moon (the post-punk psychedelia of the title-track), Gazelle Twin (including the strikingly beautiful ‘Changelings’) , Xeno & Oaklander, Tara Busch and Matthew Dear from the last 18 months; plus a Pink Floyd cover version and some recently recorded Foxx/Benge material. This includes the rich, analogue glow of ‘Walk’ and end-of-the-world ballad ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’. Hannah Peel plays ‘space violin’ on ‘Neon Vertigo’ and ‘ My Town’. Evidence is arguably their most atmospheric album so far – built around slower, starker beats and lots of space in the music with dreamlike echoes of Massive Attack, dub, Japan, Syd Barrett and Dead Can Dance.

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John Foxx And The Maths: ‘Analogue Circuit’

















Metamatic Records are excited to announce that Analogue Circuit: Live At The Roundhouse by John Foxx And The Maths will be released on 15th October 2012 and is now available for pre-order HERE

Analogue Circuit: Live At The Roundhouse is limited to 2000 copies.

The 3 Set features the first ever live John Foxx DVD, plus a double album of the show, all in striking new artwork by designer Jonathan Barnbrook. Analogue Circuitbrings to life one of the most lavish and ambitious projects of the artist’s 30 year career – filmed in June 2010 with multiple cameras at one of London’s biggest and most distinctive venues. Rich, powerful analogue synths; Robin Simon on guitar playing early Ultravox material; surreal VJ cut-ups and Barnbrook graphics; a film by I Robot director Alex Proyas, a brilliant opening Metamatic section; songs from the recent classic, Interplay; all of this in a unique, one-off show. Extras include a photo gallery, Jonathan Barnbrook’s films for ‘Interplay‘ and an interview with Future Music just before the band went on stage. This fantastic box set is a John Foxx And The Maths online store exclusive.

Watch ‘Underpass’ performed by John Foxx And The Maths on Analogue Circuit:

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John Foxx & The Maths on vinyl!

The first two albums from John Foxx And The Maths – Interplay and The Shape Of Things – are now available on Limited Edition 180g Heavyweight Vinyl. Both albums are presented in gatefold sleeves, with picture inner bags, which have been designed by Jonathan Barnbrook. You can order your copies HERE

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Analogue Circuit: Live At The Roundhouse

John Foxx & The Maths – Analogue Circuit: Live At The Roundhouse is due out in September 2012. Artwork by Jonathan Barnbrook.

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The Soft Moon vs John Foxx & The Maths

The track ‘Evidence’ was born naturally out of the two artists’ mutual appreciation for one another. Speaking with Artrocker magazine last year, Luis Vasquez from The Soft Moon had this to say of John Foxx’s influence on his own music: ‘Foxx’s Metamatic album is what led me to discover the Arp Odyssey, the most crucial instrument in my collection, and the key synthesizer used in creating my unique sound. So, that album is very important to me and what I do.’ With regard to the collaboration, John Foxx said, ‘The Soft Moon are where minimalism maximises into a new universe of possibilities. It’s an absolute joy for us to work with them.’

‘Evidence’ will be released as a one-sided 7 inch single by Captured tracks on 26 June. It also features on the forthcoming Evidence mini-album by John Foxx & The Maths in early September.

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Remix of Gazelle Twin’s ‘Changelings’

This is the new mix of Gazelle Twin’s ‘Changelings’ by John Foxx And The Maths. It’s part of an album The Entire City Remixed which is due for release on 4 June. For more details please visit:


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John Foxx And The Maths – The Shape Of Things



‘Perfect synth pop.’ 5/5 Artrocker (Album of The Month)

‘The Shape of Things is consistently absorbing, as good as any of Foxx’s early-80s benchmarks.’ 4/5 Mojo

 ’Foxx has rediscovered his musical touch. It’s the man who triumphs over the machines.’ Q Magazine

‘He has never seemed so relevant, nor sounded so modern, as he does in 2012. The Shape Of Things is, by some margin, Foxx’s best album since Metamatic. ‘ BBC Online

‘The Shape Of Things is an absolute triumph.’ 4/5 FACT Magazine

‘More introspective but no less gripping than last year’s Interplay‘. 8/10 Vice Magazine

‘His most startling, contemporary-sounding music in years.’ The Quietus

‘There’s an aroma of Bowie’s seminal Low here. Another great LP from John Foxx.’ 4/5 Record Collector


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Limited Edition

There are still some copies left of The Shape Of Things limited edition double CD at the Official Shop HERE. This version also features a hard-back book designed by Jonathan Barnbrook.

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The Shape Of Things

The second John Foxx And The Maths album, The Shape Of Things was recorded and mixed at Benge’s studio in London. Like the debut album Interplay, it’s the sound of analogue synthesizers and drum machines – and on one track, feedbacking guitars played by Foxx himself. Although there’s a raw edge to the likes of ‘Falling Down’ and ‘Talk’, this album is arguably more reflective and emotional than Interplay. Though not overtly auto-biographical, there’s a sense of looking back over a life and exploring feelings of loss over opportunities and lovers missed; possible futures that will remain unlived.

This limited edition release of the album is in hard-back deluxe artwork by Interplay designer Jonathan Barnbrook and includes a bonus CD of remixes.

It’s available exclusively through the OFFICIAL STORE

The full tracklisting is as follows:

Disc One

01 Spirus

02 Rear-View Mirror

03 Talk

04 Psytron

05 September Town

06 Unrecognised

07 Modreno

08 Falling Away

09 Invisible Ray

10 Vapour Trails

11 Buddwing

12 Tides

13 Astoria

14 The Shadow Of His Former Self

Disc Two

01 Evergreen (Radio Mix)

02 Shatterproof (Wrangler Mix)

03 Where You End And I Begin (Featuring Tara Busch)

04 Summerland (Belbury Poly Mix)

05 The Good Shadow (Tim ‘Love’ Lee Mix)

06 Watching A Building On Fire (Grayed Out Mix)

07 Interplay (Grayed Out Mix)

08 Evergreen (Xeno & Oaklander Mix)

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