John Foxx & Iain Sinclair

Read The Quietus interview HERE 



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John Foxx & Friends On Identity Amidst The Machines

The Quietus recently interviewed John, Gazelle Twin, Benge and Scanner at The Maths’ studio in London.

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Interview about The Shape Of Things

Excellent interview with John Foxx and Benge (The Maths) about their album The Shape Of Things HERE

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Gary Numan and John Foxx at The Maths studio, London

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Duchamp, ‘Drive’ and Dub

Here’s the full transcript of a recent interview John did in the run up to the John Foxx & The Maths show in Madrid.

1. First of all, I’d like you to tell me what do you plan to do in your Spanish show. I’ve read you’re coming with Hannah Peel and Serafina Steer…, but, are you gonna play only Foxx & The Maths staff? New stuff? Old stuff?

JOHN FOXX: ‘We‘ll play new songs from the two Maths albums ‘Interplay’ and ‘The Shape of Things’, also some Metamatic material and some of the songs I wrote for Ultravox.
Hannah and Serafina have really made a difference – They’re so ferocious and beautiful – everything sounds like Technicolor.
We also use projections by Jonathan Barnbrook and Karborn. Jonathan is one of the best graphic artists in Britain, and he is making a film of all the songs on Metamatic. Karborn is a young VJ who produces fascinating video work. So it’s a total immersion in noise and light.’ › Continue reading

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Interview . . .

Photo by Mike Cooper

John Foxx And The Maths are playing in Madrid on 26 May – check here for more details: HERE

Here’s a new interview by Clubbing Spain.

1. How do you feel right now in terms of your artistic career. What’s your moment now?

At the moment it’s great fun. We feel as though we are on a rising tide. But I’ve also lived long enough to look over the horizon.
My father was a boxer. I said I would never do anything like that, but you know, life can be ironic – being a musician can be very much like boxing. It’s always the moment – until you are forgotten. Then you figure out how to survive until the next round. 
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New Spanish interview

John Foxx And The Maths are playing in Madrid on 26 May – check here for more details: HERE

Here’s a new interview by KSK magazine with John in the run up to the concert.

Or you can read the full English transcript below.

1. – How do you define John Foxx, as an artist?.

Foxx: Oh, I think he’s an outsider with his own agenda – someone in the margins – and determined to stay there. Always a little bemused by what the mainstream does.

2. – In mid-late eighties the first digital synthesizers began to appear. At first we thought it would be the end of the analog era in terms of music making, but nearly thirty years later, there now appears to be a perfect combination of analog and digital, for the creating and composing of music. What do you think about all this, since you have seen and experienced it all as John Foxx over the years?

It has been a fascinating journey, from the beginning of synthesizer music, then through the digital area, when analogue synthesizers were almost forgotten.

Now we are recovering that original analogue sound world through new digital technology. It is rather like rediscovering an Amazon forest after it has been forgotten for decades. › Continue reading

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KMAG – Poland

Photo by Mike Cooper

The Interplay album feels very much like a story; not an action novel, but a sort of bleak, bitter, Ballardian retro-futuristic anti-utopia. Is there an actual ‘story’ you wanted to tell?

JF: ‘Well – I guess it’s the story of a man a woman and a city, which is what my songs tend to be concerned with – and what I’m always concerned with in real life, as well.
Writing about the present is an interesting challenge. Usually, we don’t appreciate what’s happening until its over.’

The feel and sound of the album is – as far as I’m able to hear – based on ‘vintage’ synths, or rather actual instruments – synths you actually have to play and drums that you have to program. For me, it’s far more humane than computer-based music so abundant right now. How do you feel about digital technology, and why do you choose the old trusty analogue gear?

JF: ‘It’s not so trusty really. It can actually be quite treacherous.
But it still sounds better – richer and more complex – and it is imperfect. I love imperfection – perfect usually means boring. Nothing duller than a perfect singer or a perfect production.
I prefer to hear some croaky old rogue telling his stories, or a late night melody on an old piano. That’s far more interesting than some over-rehearsed opera singer can ever be.’ › Continue reading

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Neon Indian

John Foxx and Neon Indian interviewed together HERE

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Quietus Albums of 2011

Thanks to The Quietus who voted Interplay at Number 21 in their Top 50 Best Albums of 2011. You can see the full list HERE

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