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Electric Independence

John Foxx And The Maths were recently interviewed and filmed by Electric Independence. WATCH HERE.

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( an extract from The Quiet Man by John Foxx)

He built the ship in the garden shed. Twelve years old. Ruined industrial town. Dark factories empty now. Only a few still in operation. Great brick chimneys on every street. Stone walls fallen in, showing traces of rooms and colourwash sections. › Continue reading

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The Quiet Man II

New John Foxx art prints – The Quiet Man II – are now available HERE.

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Sideways (2011 Edition)

This double-disc edition of the Foxx/Gordon album Sideways features seven previously unreleased tracks – six of which were recorded live at the 2008 show at Cargo in London, together with Haunted – as well as two tracks which have only previously been available as downloads. › Continue reading

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Thought Experiment 3 – Genetic Memory

(by John Foxx)

We are beginning to map the human genome and this is leading to exciting discoveries of genes responsible for a predisposition to various illnesses and even behaviours. I think the genetic system is fascinating. › Continue reading

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Elegy Magazine


John Foxx (pictured at the Troxy, 2011)  interviewed in the French Magazine, Elegy. › Continue reading

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Crash And Burn (2011 Edition)

This new double-disc edition of Crash And Burn features five previously unreleased tracks (three instrumentals “Labyrinth Generator”, “Storm Warning”, “Broadway Submarine”, plus “Dust And Light (live)” and “Invisible Women (2) (live)”), as well as material from 2003’s long deleted limited edition “Drive EP”.
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John Foxx talks about ‘Krautrock’ and the influence its had on his own work. This is the full transcript of Nick Watt’s interview for Record Collector. › Continue reading

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