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Vive Le Rock Interview

Here’s the full transcript of a recent interview with Vive Le Rock.

Listening to your new album Interplay, it seems to encompass two extremes of your work? IE there’s a sense of claustrophobia to ‘Shatterproof’ and a sense of urgency to tracks like ‘Catwalk’ (which references the old Ultravox track ‘ROckWrok’), or ‘The Running Man’ – this seems to juxtapose with the feeling of serenity or detachment that come with a track like ‘Summerland’?

JF: ‘Yes – that’s it really – you hope to provide lots of joyous jolts and rides – transports of delight.

Perhaps also something to do with this idea of Serene Velocity – which may come from recent forms of mechanical transport – trains, ships, planes, etc.. › Continue reading

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