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Two new shows in Feb 2012

Photo by Mike Cooper.

John Foxx And The Maths will play two live shows in February, 2012:

The Haunt : Brighton, UK on Friday 24th February 2012. Doors at 7pm. Band will play from 8.35pm -10pm. PLATINUM VIP TICKETS are available from HERE STANDARD TICKETS are available HERE

Aarschot, Belgium on Saturday 25th February 2012. Entry is free for fans who bought a ticket to the 2011 Sinners Day Event. Or you can buy a ticket for 15 Euros on Presale. For more info please visit HERE

The band line-up for both shows will be John Foxx, Hannah Peel, Serafina Steer and Benge.

You can watch an interview about their live set-up HERE

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KMAG – Poland

Photo by Mike Cooper

The Interplay album feels very much like a story; not an action novel, but a sort of bleak, bitter, Ballardian retro-futuristic anti-utopia. Is there an actual ‘story’ you wanted to tell?

JF: ‘Well – I guess it’s the story of a man a woman and a city, which is what my songs tend to be concerned with – and what I’m always concerned with in real life, as well.
Writing about the present is an interesting challenge. Usually, we don’t appreciate what’s happening until its over.’

The feel and sound of the album is – as far as I’m able to hear – based on ‘vintage’ synths, or rather actual instruments – synths you actually have to play and drums that you have to program. For me, it’s far more humane than computer-based music so abundant right now. How do you feel about digital technology, and why do you choose the old trusty analogue gear?

JF: ‘It’s not so trusty really. It can actually be quite treacherous.
But it still sounds better – richer and more complex – and it is imperfect. I love imperfection – perfect usually means boring. Nothing duller than a perfect singer or a perfect production.
I prefer to hear some croaky old rogue telling his stories, or a late night melody on an old piano. That’s far more interesting than some over-rehearsed opera singer can ever be.’ › Continue reading

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Neon Indian

John Foxx and Neon Indian interviewed together HERE

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Quietus Albums of 2011

Thanks to The Quietus who voted Interplay at Number 21 in their Top 50 Best Albums of 2011. You can see the full list HERE

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Artrocker Magazine Awards: Best Electro Act of 2011

John Foxx And The Maths won Best Electro Act of 2011 at the recent Artrocker Magazine Awards. Gary Numan presented the Award. Later John presented Gary with the Artocker Legend Award. A great night.

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