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New Spanish interview

John Foxx And The Maths are playing in Madrid on 26 May – check here for more details: HERE

Here’s a new interview by KSK magazine with John in the run up to the concert.

Or you can read the full English transcript below.

1. – How do you define John Foxx, as an artist?.

Foxx: Oh, I think he’s an outsider with his own agenda – someone in the margins – and determined to stay there. Always a little bemused by what the mainstream does.

2. – In mid-late eighties the first digital synthesizers began to appear. At first we thought it would be the end of the analog era in terms of music making, but nearly thirty years later, there now appears to be a perfect combination of analog and digital, for the creating and composing of music. What do you think about all this, since you have seen and experienced it all as John Foxx over the years?

It has been a fascinating journey, from the beginning of synthesizer music, then through the digital area, when analogue synthesizers were almost forgotten.

Now we are recovering that original analogue sound world through new digital technology. It is rather like rediscovering an Amazon forest after it has been forgotten for decades. › Continue reading

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