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The Soft Moon vs John Foxx & The Maths

The track ‘Evidence’ was born naturally out of the two artists’ mutual appreciation for one another. Speaking with Artrocker magazine last year, Luis Vasquez from The Soft Moon had this to say of John Foxx’s influence on his own music: ‘Foxx’s Metamatic album is what led me to discover the Arp Odyssey, the most crucial instrument in my collection, and the key synthesizer used in creating my unique sound. So, that album is very important to me and what I do.’ With regard to the collaboration, John Foxx said, ‘The Soft Moon are where minimalism maximises into a new universe of possibilities. It’s an absolute joy for us to work with them.’

‘Evidence’ will be released as a one-sided 7 inch single by Captured tracks on 26 June. It also features on the forthcoming Evidence mini-album by John Foxx & The Maths in early September.

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Interview . . .

Photo by Mike Cooper

John Foxx And The Maths are playing in Madrid on 26 May – check here for more details: HERE

Here’s a new interview by Clubbing Spain.

1. How do you feel right now in terms of your artistic career. What’s your moment now?

At the moment it’s great fun. We feel as though we are on a rising tide. But I’ve also lived long enough to look over the horizon.
My father was a boxer. I said I would never do anything like that, but you know, life can be ironic – being a musician can be very much like boxing. It’s always the moment – until you are forgotten. Then you figure out how to survive until the next round. 
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NEW ANALOGUE MUSIC: John Foxx & The Maths @ Cargo, London in September.






John Foxx & The Maths (John Foxx/Benge/Hannah Peel/Serafina Steer) will be playing a one-off gig at Cargo in London on 5 September, followed by their Bestival appearance the following day. These will be their only shows for the rest of this year. They’ll be performing material from all three of  John Foxx & The Maths albums – Interplay, The Shape Of Things and a new mini-album Evidence which is also due out in September – along with fresh analogue takes on classic Foxx material. Support is from Tara Busch who will be performing her new electronic sci-fi symphony, I Speak Machine.






You can buy VIP tickets HERE.

Standard tickets are available HERE


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Remix of Gazelle Twin’s ‘Changelings’

This is the new mix of Gazelle Twin’s ‘Changelings’ by John Foxx And The Maths. It’s part of an album The Entire City Remixed which is due for release on 4 June. For more details please visit:


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