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Interview about The Shape Of Things

Excellent interview with John Foxx and Benge (The Maths) about their album The Shape Of Things HERE

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Gary Numan and John Foxx at The Maths studio, London

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Duchamp, ‘Drive’ and Dub

Here’s the full transcript of a recent interview John did in the run up to the John Foxx & The Maths show in Madrid.

1. First of all, I’d like you to tell me what do you plan to do in your Spanish show. I’ve read you’re coming with Hannah Peel and Serafina Steer…, but, are you gonna play only Foxx & The Maths staff? New stuff? Old stuff?

JOHN FOXX: ‘We‘ll play new songs from the two Maths albums ‘Interplay’ and ‘The Shape of Things’, also some Metamatic material and some of the songs I wrote for Ultravox.
Hannah and Serafina have really made a difference – They’re so ferocious and beautiful – everything sounds like Technicolor.
We also use projections by Jonathan Barnbrook and Karborn. Jonathan is one of the best graphic artists in Britain, and he is making a film of all the songs on Metamatic. Karborn is a young VJ who produces fascinating video work. So it’s a total immersion in noise and light.’ › Continue reading

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Analogue Circuit: Live At The Roundhouse

John Foxx & The Maths – Analogue Circuit: Live At The Roundhouse is due out in September 2012. Artwork by Jonathan Barnbrook.

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Acusmatiq festival in Italy

Photo by Rob Harris @

John Foxx & The Maths will be headlining at the Acusmatiq festival in Italy on 28th July. For more details please visit HERE

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