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20th Century: The Noise

20th Century

John Foxx

20th Century: The Noise CD Album


Release Date: 24/07/2015

Available HERE 

Discs: 1

Metamatic Records’ first major compilation of John Foxx material is the first part of a double release spanning thirty-five years as a solo artist. John Foxx – 20th Century: The Noise covers the years from his debut single ‘Underpass’ in January 1980 to the rest of the last century, up to his ‘comeback’ albums with Louis Gordon, Shifting City and Subterranean Omnidelic Exotour in 1997 and 1998. There’s also a rare Cathedral Oceans gem, ‘Splendour’ which has only ever been available on a rare album by various artists entitled Orphée and the album includes an unreleased instrumental track from the vaults, ‘Musique Electron’ – a melodic idea Foxx has had ‘for decades’. The Metamatic material is taken from the new 2014 master which is based on a new set of 1979 analogue tapes found in John’s archive.

1. 20th Century
2. Underpass
3. No-One Driving (Single Version)
4. Burning Car
5. He’s A Liquid (Alternative Version)
6. A Long Time
7. Miles Away
8. Europe After The Rain
9. This Jungle
10. Dancing Like A Gun
11. Endlessly (Single Version)
12. The Hidden Man
13. The Noise – Foxx/Gordon
14. Through My Sleeping – Foxx/Gordon
15. Hiroshima Mon Amour “€“ Foxx/Gordon (Taken from Omnidelic Exotour)
16. Musique Electron (previously unreleased)
17. Splendour (previously only available on a compilation entitled, Orphe)

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