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The Magnetic Fields

Stephin Merritt from The Magnetic Fields has written a new song inspired by John Foxx.
‘Foxx And I’ features on their new 2017 album, 50 Song Memoir.

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The Quiet Man now on Bandcamp

John Foxx’s The Quiet Man album, featuring stories written by John Foxx, is now available on his new Bandcamp page.

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John Foxx And The Maths – The Machine

The Machine

This beautiful, dark, analogue electronic soundtrack by John Foxx And The Maths is described as ‘eerie’, ‘evocative’ and ‘a triumphant score of chest-crushing anxiety’ by The Independent and The Guardian. John Foxx and Benge’s set of dystopian science-fiction themes were first heard in the critically acclaimed stage play of E.M. Forster’s ‘The Machine Stops’ in 2016. This album also features new mixes created especially for The Machine. Abstract, atmospheric vocals by John Foxx and Elizabeth Bernholz (Gazelle Twin). Artwork is by Jonathan Barnbrook.

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1 The Ghost In The Machine
2 The Other Mother
3 A Dark Illumination
4 Tidal Moonlight
5 Hive Frequency
6 Transworld Travelogue
7 The Iron Bible
8 Animal Mechanical
9 Genetic Hymnal
10 Memory Oxide
11 Vortex Logic
12 Orphan Waltz

Listen to ‘The Other Mother’ from The Machine . . .

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Hannah Peel & John Foxx – Cars In The Garden

Hannah Peel, who was responsible for Electronic Sound’s Album Of The Year 2016, has recorded a duet with John Foxx which is available as part of the digital release of the single ‘Hope Lasts’ which is due for release on April 7th.

Peel recorded a cover of John Foxx’s ‘Tidal Wave’ for a vinyl project and the electronic innovator has returned the compliment by singing on her cover of ‘Cars In The Garden’ – originally composed by Paul Buchanan from The Blue Nile. The track is included in the digital release of the new ‘Hope Lasts’ single. from the new album Awake But Always Dreaming.

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