London Overgrown

london overgrown

John Foxx – London Overgrown 


Release Date: 30/03/2015

Discs: 1

Available HERE 

”For over thirty years I’ve been writing about, filming, photographing and exploring a city.  Assembling a travelogue of an invisible place that may be found across any street.

Even though we may live in the same physical space, we all carry our own vastly different maps of it – from personal routes, shortcuts to the connections with accumulated memories, associations and experiences.  Our own maps of our own city.” John Foxx

1 Oceanic II
2 The Beautiful Ghost
3 A Man, A Woman And A City
4 London Overgrown
5 A Small Revolving World
6 Everything Is Illuminated
7 Often Now, I Wake
8 Persistence Of Vision
9 City Of Mirage
10 Imaginary Music

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