Sideways (2011 Edition)

This double-disc edition of the Foxx/Gordon album Sideways features seven previously unreleased tracks – six of which were recorded live at the 2008 show at Cargo in London, together with Haunted - as well as two tracks which have only previously been available as downloads. The accompanying booklet has been expanded to sixteen-pages, and now includes all of the lyrics.

Disc One
01. And The World Slides Sideways
02. Underwater
03. X-Ray Vision
04. Car Crash Flashback V2
05. In A Silent Way
06. Sailing On Sunshine
07. Use My Voice
08. Neuro Video
09. Phone Tap

Disc Two : Live in Cargo, London 2008
01. Intro
02. Walk This Way
03. Dislocation
04. Travel
05. Young Savage
06. The Garden
07. Haunted
08. Running In Traffic (Full Version)
09. Impossible (Jori Hulkkonen Mix)
10. Neuro Video (Jori Hulkkonen Mix)
11. A Room As Big As A City (Extended Version)
12. Freeze Frame (Extended Version)
13. Impossible (Extended Version)

Label : Metamatic / Cargo Records
Catalogue Number : META27CD
Release Date : 21st of February, 2011
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