Thought Experiments – Grey Nature 2

(by John Foxx)

New forms of life may have already evolved in cities.
There may also be forms of life that have always evolved symbiotically alongside human beings that we are completely unaware of – and it might be in that species interests for us to remain so.

Hiding in plain sight is a tactic commonly used by many highly adapted species.
There are also many new routes for connection and transmission between human beings –computers and television and mass communications etc. – just waiting to be innovatively colonised by alert entities.

One thing is certain – life other than human is inevitably colonising this rich, relatively new ecological soup. The context will alter it, it will adapt, and some of these adaptations may surprise us. 
Posit the following:-

1. Memes – Memes are thought viruses disguised as opinions. Now – posit memes which have evolved to carry Trojan horse entities, existing as dispersed thought patterns, so their manifestation is not recognisable through observation of any single individual’s behaviour, but only through collective interactivities.
Capable of adapting and reforming into new memes for distribution purposes, they are socially advantageous to the carrier, because of their energetic attractiveness to potential new hosts. Maximising social interactivity, by providing social currency, ensures maximum transmission.
Some forms of these transmit through popular song, newspapers and magazines, and can take the form of melodies, riffs, jokes, rumours, even popularly adopted phrases and mannerisms.

2. Entities that travel by telephone- they can enter any room anywhere at any time and withdraw instantly as they choose.

3. Entities that colonise their host through television – say via temporal patterns or specific repeated images. Long lived soap operas are ideal conduits for these.

4. Linear intelligences colonising electrical networks. Some may have sensed our own bioelectrical fields and gained access.

5. Electrical field entities, powered through the ‘magnetic cage’ effect of modern buildings, These fields incorporate and consolidate a form of mobile or dispersed intelligence, similar to swarm, flocking or hive intelligence, which gathers through the daily interaction of hundreds of transient human fields.

6. Entities resembling memories that exist hidden in genetic material, and are transmitted to each generation along with it – perhaps an entity we seemingly absorbed through evolution, millions of years ago, but this one has adapted so it may remain distinct and functional, but hidden.

7. Dispersed entities that can only exist between several people, disguised as components of relationships. Perhaps drawing energy from frictions and harmonies and various aspects of interpersonal situations, while enhancing, facilitating or de emphasising, then harvesting these for its own subtle symbiotic purposes.
Human beings may have unconsciously evolved and adapted to include these entities as necessary components of what we perceive as normal human relationships.

8. Momentary presences which absorb fractions of human psychic energy at specific locations and times.

9. The ability of concrete glass steel and stone itself to accumulate, record and transmit memory or impressions in passing, making the city a huge self-programming device.
If iron particles or wire can record sound and images, then why not? – (credit the late, great, Nigel Kneale for the basic concept).

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 JOURNAL