Torn Sunset and Nighthawks/Translucence/Drift Music

John Foxx And Theo Travis – Torn Sunset

‘A wistful, dignified album which – true to Eno’s original definition of Ambient – can be participated in as much as the listener desires. While it works just fine as aural wallpaper, its melodic flow deserves and rewards closer attention.’ THE WIRE

‘Torn Sunset, with saxophonist Theo Travis, is a work of similar coiling beauty to Nighthawks. Foxx’s keyboard patterns like pinpricks in the sodium-lit fog generated by Travis.’ 4/5 UNCUT

”On Torn Sunset we hear Foxx take on a prominent role, creating a full bodied sound. Travis manages to walk an oneiric line which elevates the record to a far more contemporary context despite the heavy use of flute.’ ARTROCKER 4/5

‘Travis’s wraithlike cloud effects, punctuated by John Foxx’s lulling piano trills, suggest flocks of birds describing gentle arabesques against an endless summer crepuscule.’ MOJO


John Foxx/Harold Budd/Ruben Garcia – Nighthawks/Translucence/Drift Music

‘One of the greatest ambient albums ever made.’ FACT MAGAZINE

Beautifully played and produced.’ THE WIRE

‘Blissfully abstract – Budd’s simple piano chords hanging high and reverberating like night clouds flanking empty skyscrapers.’ 4/5 UNCUT

‘Foxx’s style is constantly ominous. An aggressive starkness. We hear Foxx dance around Budd’s piano like a fox approaching a chicken coup.’ 4/5 ARTROCKER

‘A succession of tranquil, Eno-esque essays. The music keeps to the ethereal channel which Budd has been effectively ploughing for three decades and into whose delicate wake Foxx seamlessly slips.’ MOJO


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