‘Talk’ from the new album, The Shape Of Things

John Foxx And The Maths : “The Shape Of Things”…

The follow-up to Interplay has now been completed – and will be available at the forthcoming live shows in October. The album, entitled The Shape Of Things, will be a limited edition special package (once again designed by Jonathan Barnbrook) accompanied by a bonus disc of remixes. The album is a lot rougher around the edges and more experimental than “Interplay” – with songs and stark, minimal sketches (such as ‘Talk’) mixed in with some instrumental interludes. All of the tracks were recorded at Benge’s studio in London, so there’s plenty more of that lost analogue technology creating new shapes…

The full track-listing and catalogue number is as follows…

Disc One
01. Spirus
02. Rear-View Mirror
03. Talk
04. Psytron
05. September Town
06. Unrecognised
07. Modreno
08. Falling Away
09. Invisible Ray
10. Vapour Trails
11. Buddwing
12. Tides
13. Astoria
14. The Shadow Of His Former Self

Disc Two
01. Evergreen (Radio Mix)
02. Shatterproof (Wrangler Mix)
03. Where You End And I Begin (featuring Tara Busch)
04. Summerland (Belbury Poly Mix)
05. The Good Shadow (Tim ‘Love’ Lee Mix)
06. Watching A Building On Fire (Grayed Out Mix)
07. Interplay (Grayed Out Mix)
08. Evergreen (Xeno & Oaklander Mix)

Label : Metamatic Records
Catalogue Number : META29CD

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