Thought Experiment 4

(by John Foxx)

Science, Experience and Visibility: –

Science is innately conservative. It must be so, since its value depends absolutely on its incremental accumulation of a pool of tested, repeatable, demonstrable events.

Anything else is theory or speculation.If any untested, unrepeatable element were admitted into that pool, the value of Science would diminish. That is why it must remain conservative.

However, because an event is not recognised by Science, does not mean that it did not happen. There may be many singularities, or events which are so subtle or infrequent that they have not yet been observed, and many events which are part of as yet undetected long rhythms – for instance ones which may only occur once every hundred thousand years. These cannot yet be recognised by Science, because there is not enough data on them – even to begin some speculation on their nature and existence.

Yet such events may be occurring all around us, unrecognised by Science for the very good reasons outlined above, yet often experienced – and perhaps not understood – by ordinary human beings.

Sunday, May 15th, 2011 JOURNAL