Gazelle Twin remix of ‘A Falling Star’

Brighton artist Gazelle Twin, has just created her first ever remix – a brilliant new version of ‘A Falling Star’ by John Foxx And The Maths. You can hear it streamed HERE

The new arrangement also features Gazelle Twin’s beautiful, distinctive vocals, so that it’s more of a collaboration or duet than a standard remix.

Metamatic Records have pressed up 75 copies of this remix on a CD. This release will ONLY be available to Platinum VIP Holders on the forthcoming John Foxx And The Maths Interplay Tour, including the two forthcoming shows at XOYO on 25th (which features GAZELLE TWIN as support) and 27th October.

The CD will also be signed by John Foxx, so this is instantly one of the most collectable releases of a his four decade career.

The VIP ticket also gives you a chance to meet the man himself, watch John and the Maths soundcheck, as well as entrance to the show itself AND a signed copy of the brand new John Foxx And The Maths album, The Shape Of Things.

BUY TICKETS to see John Foxx & The Maths with support from Gazelle Twin and Tara Busch on the 25th October 2011 @ XOYO, London HERE

BUY TICKETS to see John Foxx & The Maths with support from Xeno & Oaklander and The Neat on the 27th October 2011 @ XOYO, London HERE

Sunday, October 9th, 2011 EVENTS

Artrocker Magazine

Artrocker Magazine with Gary and John Foxx on the cover – and in-depth interviews with the two of them – is OUT NOW!
You can also order a copy of the new Artrocker online HERE with free delivery in the UK and worldwide delivery available. Get them quickly while stocks last!!!!

Sunday, October 9th, 2011 MEDIA

Obskure Magazine (France)

Photo by Craig Hewitt

In Interplay we have found a perfect balance between atmosphere and rhythm, as was the case with your very first records such as Metamatic. In the previous years, you have either focused on ambient experimentations (the work with Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie, the very ceremonious Cathedral Oceans) or on rhythms and dance (Shifting City). Here, we can find such a hit as “Destination” and a beautiful piece such as “Interplay” (I think one of your most moving songs since “The Garden”)

JF: ‘Well, thanks – Interplay was simply a response to a relationship breaking down. Trying to make sense of things afterwards, as we always seem to do.’

Have you tried to combine all the aspects of the world of John Foxx in this record?

JF: ‘Not consciously, but I guess it’s inevitable that something of what you managed to learn or discover over the years will be incorporated in whatever you make.’ ›› Read more

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 MEDIA

Rockerilla (Italy)

How did you start collaborating with Benge? Were you impressed by his Twenty Systems album, or by some of his earlier work?

JF: ‘I heard Twenty Systems first, then some of his production and mixing work for Hanna Peel, Tung and Serafina Steer. I was impressed by all of it.
As well as the purity of the analogue synthesizers, I particularly enjoy the sounds he gets on vocal recordings. There is something magical about a well captured voice, it’s as difficult as catching sunlight.’

What is the idea behind the JF & the Maths project and the Interplay album? Can we say it attempts a sort of synthesis between your song-based albums and your experiments with electronics?

JF: ‘Certainly – We began recording as an experiment, not aiming at making songs, but attempting to make something more abstract. The songs occurred because the arpeggios made by Ben’s on his Moog Modular system – a huge machine from the 1960’s – had rhythm and implied melody in their structure. All I had to do was sing along then capture the melodies more firmly.
You might say the songs were written by the machines. We simply acted as facilitators.’ ›› Read more

Monday, October 3rd, 2011 MEDIA

Rockdelux Magazine (Spain)


Hello, John:

Congratulations for Interplay. We at the magazine think it is one of your best albums ever along with Metamatic, The Garden or Crash & Burn.

JF: ‘Excellent – thank you.’

It’s truly an honor for me having the opportunity to do this interview, maybe for the first time in a Spanish magazine… I apologize in advance for my grammar mistakes. Thanks for your patience…

JF: ‘No problem.’

First of all, could you please let us know about your family and pre-professional background a bit?

JF: ‘Born in the industrial North of England – a landscape of derelict factories, motorway and mines between Liverpool and Manchester. Some beautiful but rugged countryside nearby. It rains a lot.
Father was a coal miner and a boxer. Mother worked in a cotton mill. I belonged to a big family, and so did everyone else.
All the kids played on the streets and in the factory buildings, many of which were empty and overgrown.

In the 1960’s there was a band on every street. I simply watched and listened and stored everything I saw.
Then I hitch hiked through France into Spain, to see Dali, Bunuel and Picasso’s country. Went to Ampurias, Barcelona, Figueras, Rosas, Cadaques, La Escala, and was fortunate enough to experience Spain before tourism changed things.
Then I went to art school and saw another world, and realized why I was so strongly connected to Europe. Art school was also where most bands begun.’
›› Read more

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 MEDIA

Rehearsals for October UK Tour

John Foxx And The Maths : UK Tour…

John Foxx And The Maths will be touring the UK during October. They will be performing material from their new album Interplay as well as classic songs from early Ultravox and John’s solo career.

Interplay is a collaboration between Foxx and electronic composer and synthesizer collector, Benge (Ben Edwards). The latter is best known for his 2008 album Twenty Systems, which was described by Brian Eno as a ‘Brilliant contribution to the archaeology of electronic music.’ Moody and atmospheric, but also full of songs that are actually more ‘pop’ than avant garde, Interplay pulls various strands of electronic music together – from early 80′s electro to 70′s Krautrock. One track, ‘Watching A Building On Fire’ features Mira Aroyo from Ladytron, who also came up with the original synth riff.

John will be joined on-stage on the Interplay Tour by…

Benge – Keyboards, Percussion
Serafina Steer – Keyboards, Bass
Hannah Peel – Keyboards, Violin

Tara Busch will be supporting at all of these shows, except for London (on the 27th) and Holmfirth (on the 28th), where the support will be Xeno & Oaklander. Also, Gazellle Twin is a guest on the 25th (XOYO London) and The Neat on the 27th (XOYO London).

A limited number of VIP Tickets are available at each of these shows…
This VIP Platinum Package includes the following:
A ticket to the show…
A VIP Pass which will allow you into the soundcheck…

A signed copy of the (as yet unreleased) The Shape Of Things
A meet and greet with John Foxx And The Maths after the soundcheck, including a photo opportunity…

These VIP Tickets are available from Townsend Records

Thursday the 13th of October, 2011 – Leamington Spa Assembly Hall, Spencer Street, Leamington Spa Warwickshire CV31 3NF
Telephone : 01926 523 001, Web :

Thursday the 20th of October, 2011 – Bristol Thekla, The Grove, East Mud Dock, Bristol BS1 4RB
Telephone : 0117 929 3301 (venue) / 0845 413 4444 (tickets), Web :

Friday the 21st of October, 2011 – Manchester Academy 4, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PR
Telephone : 0161 275 2930, Web :

Saturday the 22nd of October, 2011 – Liverpool Stanley Theatre, 160 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TR
Telephone : 0151 794 6868, Web :

Sunday the 23rd of October, 2011 – Glasgow Arches, 253 Argyle Street, Glasgow G2 8DL
Telephone : 0141 565 1000, Web :

Monday the 24th of October, 2011 – York Duchess, Stonebow House, York YO1 7NP
Telephone : 01904 641 413, Web :

Tuesday the 25th of October, 2011 – London XOYO, 32-37 Cowper Street, London EC2A 4AP
Telephone : (off-site) 0207 729 5959, Web :

Thursday the 27th of October, 2011 – London XOYO, 32-37 Cowper Street, London EC2A 4AP
Telephone : (off-site) 0207 729 5959, Web :

Friday the 28th of October, 2011 – Holmfirth Picturedrome, Market Walk, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire HD9 7DA
Telephone : 01484 689 759, Web :

John Foxx And The Maths will also be playing at The Unsound Festival in Poland on Saturday the 15th of October.

The Festival has a theme this year which is Future Shock, as in the 1970 book by Alvin Toffler. That book is a cautionary vision of the future (from a very 1970 perspective) warning against ‘too much change in too short a period of time’. In 1972 a fantastic documentary was made based on the book, featuring a doomy Orson Welles and music by Gil Melle. Meanwhile other artists performing at the Unsound Festival include electronic pioneers Morton Subotnik and Chris & Cosey.

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 EVENTS

‘Talk’ from the new album, The Shape Of Things

John Foxx And The Maths : “The Shape Of Things”…

The follow-up to Interplay has now been completed – and will be available at the forthcoming live shows in October. The album, entitled The Shape Of Things, will be a limited edition special package (once again designed by Jonathan Barnbrook) accompanied by a bonus disc of remixes. The album is a lot rougher around the edges and more experimental than “Interplay” – with songs and stark, minimal sketches (such as ‘Talk’) mixed in with some instrumental interludes. All of the tracks were recorded at Benge’s studio in London, so there’s plenty more of that lost analogue technology creating new shapes…

The full track-listing and catalogue number is as follows…

Disc One
01. Spirus
02. Rear-View Mirror
03. Talk
04. Psytron
05. September Town
06. Unrecognised
07. Modreno
08. Falling Away
09. Invisible Ray
10. Vapour Trails
11. Buddwing
12. Tides
13. Astoria
14. The Shadow Of His Former Self

Disc Two
01. Evergreen (Radio Mix)
02. Shatterproof (Wrangler Mix)
03. Where You End And I Begin (featuring Tara Busch)
04. Summerland (Belbury Poly Mix)
05. The Good Shadow (Tim ‘Love’ Lee Mix)
06. Watching A Building On Fire (Grayed Out Mix)
07. Interplay (Grayed Out Mix)
08. Evergreen (Xeno & Oaklander Mix)

Label : Metamatic Records
Catalogue Number : META29CD

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 NEW RELEASES

Vive Le Rock Interview

Here’s the full transcript of a recent interview with Vive Le Rock.

Listening to your new album Interplay, it seems to encompass two extremes of your work? IE there’s a sense of claustrophobia to ‘Shatterproof’ and a sense of urgency to tracks like ‘Catwalk’ (which references the old Ultravox track ‘ROckWrok’), or ‘The Running Man’ – this seems to juxtapose with the feeling of serenity or detachment that come with a track like ‘Summerland’?

JF: ‘Yes – that’s it really – you hope to provide lots of joyous jolts and rides – transports of delight.

Perhaps also something to do with this idea of Serene Velocity – which may come from recent forms of mechanical transport – trains, ships, planes, etc.. ›› Read more

Saturday, October 1st, 2011 MEDIA

John Foxx Week on Artrocker.TV

In the run up to the John Foxx And The Maths Interplay tour in October, Artrocker ran a series of articles on John, including a new filmed interview taken at The Garden studios in London. There are also quotes and comments about John’s work from a vast array of different musicians and film-makers. Click HERE to start exploring all the fantastic content that’s on there!

HERE is a link to the filmed clip of John at The Garden Studios, London:

You can read two new interviews with John here -



Meanwhile, here are the direct links to all the various contributions from artists, musicians and film-makers -
















Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 MEDIA

‘Have A Cigar’

Photo by Ed Fielding.

The new issue of Mojo magazine has a demo version of ‘Have A Cigar’ – not the finished one! To hear the finished version, along with a brand new radio mix of ‘Evergreen’ from the Interplay album, please check out the ”Free Download” link.

You can also listen to the track on this You Tube clip: